If you’ve ever tried to repair a roof before, you know how time-consuming, cost-inflating, and difficult that project can be. Working while the sun is high, stripping tiles and tossing them into a rented dumpster, measuring and re-measuring the dimensions of your roof because you can’t afford to miscut the shingles…for the inexperienced layperson, repairing a roof can seem like a near-impossible task. And that’s to say nothing of the number of people it takes to accomplish even a mid-sized residential home. 

Trust in a Professional

Hiring a professional contractor does more than save you from a sore back and a sunburn, however. Repairing the damage to your roof must not only fix the immediate problems but ensure your home is protected from whatever trials the future will bring. That’s why Elite Roofing guarantees a full-service repair on everything from fixing the structure and installing the proper insulation, to professionally shingling the roof so as to guard against unpredictable weather. 

Roofs That Work Hard All Year Long

Our team has years of construction experience, and also knows the unique challenges that Utah seasons can bring. In the winter, your roof must be able to withstand the heavy snowpack that would cave-in weaker structures. Depending on how much snowfall you’ve received, your roof could have as much as 50-lbs per square foot of additional weight placed on it. The summer can be equally hazardous if your roof remains in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Heat can cause the shingles to buckle, which will cause bald spots on the roof that are prone to water damage. We specialize in protecting your roof from all of these elements.

Residential and Commercial

Perhaps we recently completed work on your home and you are interested in whether or not we can come to your business and do the same thing? You’re in luck! We provide services for commercial structures as well, whether it be shingles or any other type of material, like a membrane or spray foam roofing. 

We know that when it comes to your home or business your roof should feel as sturdy as your foundation and that once a crisis has occurred it suddenly becomes the most important part of the building. We take that seriously. Whether it be repairing the roof from damage, or doing a routine maintenance check-up, we stand by our work as being of the highest quality. And if we have to replace the roof entirely? Well, then we offer a warranty on that too, variable to the materials used. 

Maintaining your roof feels big, but it doesn’t have to be—not when you have the experience of Elite Roofing behind you. Just give us the job and we’ll see it done.

Elite Roofing and Your Next Roof Remodel

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