While much of the nation start shutting doors and windows and holing up for the long, cold winter ahead, central and southern Arizona residents rejoice! The weather has finally cooled, and the outdoor recreation can begin. 

As such, this is one of the best times to get outside and look at maintenance issues around your house and yard. As winter sets in and the days of mid-70’s weather begin, head outside and take this time to inspect your roof. 

After the summer, there is often roof damage in Arizona homes owing to the famed monsoon season where there can be several days of heavy rains causing severe wear and tear on your roof. 

You may need roofing services in Arizona if you’ve had a particularly heavy summer/fall rainfall or you haven’t inspected your roof for a while.

How to Safely Inspect Your Arizona Roof 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls from roofs account for about a third of all construction accidents. If trained construction workers can fall from rooftops, so can you. Be careful when you go to inspect your roof. Use caution and common sense, following proper protocol in roof inspection. 

Start with a ground inspection. It’s surprising what you can find by keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. 

Stand at the edge of your yard or across the street where you can see your roof. Look for obvious signs of damage like missing shingles and bent flashing. You can also walk around your property, looking for shingles that fell to the ground or granules from a decaying roof. 

You can also tell a great deal about the state of your roof from the inside of your home. Water damage, rot, mold, and leaks inside your home indicate a problem with your roof. 

To take a closer look, you might want to climb a ladder. You do this at your own risk! You must be physically able and take certain precautions like using a secure ladder, having another person hold it, and following the recommendations on the ladder’s top rung. 

If you’re not comfortable or capable of climbing a ladder, find reputable roofing services in Arizona. They will likely inspect your roof for you and offer a free quote. 

Reasons You Might Need Roof Repair in Arizona  

As you check for roof damage in Arizona, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Here are a few reasons you might need roof repair. 

Missing Shingles: A windstorm or heavy rains might have knocked shingles off your roof, calling for repair. 

Damaged Flashing: Flashing is the metal parts around your roof that connect the shingles to edges or surround a chimney or vent. If bent, damaged or missing, it can create a chute for water to enter your home through your roof! 

Old Roof: Check the paperwork on the last roof install. If it’s been 20 years or more since your last roof was installed, it’s probably time for a new one. 

Sagging or Rot: Your roof should not sag or collect water anywhere. If it does, that’s an immediate sign of roof damage both below and above. Any signs of rot also indicate a severe roof problem. 

Moss Growth: Moss growth might look charming on an older house, but it’s a sure sign of trouble! Moss is not a common cause of roof damage in Arizona given the scorching heat, but in some areas of the state, moss could grow due to water trapped around the shingles and flashing. Trapped water is always bad news on a rooftop! 

Overhanging Branches: When a tree branch hangs over your roof, it’s a recipe for disaster. It can drop seeds, leaves, and twigs that can build up on the roof and cause water to collect in that area or sediment to seep under the shingles and rot the wood. In some cases, the collection can be heavy enough to cause a roof section to collapse. A branch could also fall on the roof, causing severe damage to your home. 

Know When to Seek Roofing Services in Arizona 

If your Arizona roof features any of the problems mentioned above, or you’re simply unsure about the state of the structure, it’s a good idea to find a good Arizona roofer. 

We offer premier roofing services in Arizona and would be happy to inspect your current roof and offer an estimate for repairs. For more information about what we do and how we can help you this winter, contact us today!

Winter Roof Inspection in Arizona: Here’s What to Look For

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