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Our name may be Elite Roofing, but we’re not just a roofing company. Our team has the collective experience and expertise to handle interior remodels within residences of any size. Are you currently planning a remodel? Whether your plans are as simple as painting the interiors of your home or as detailed as changing the entire floorplan of your kitchen, we can make sure any upgrades happen smoothly and in a timely manner.

Remodeling with Elite Roofing

     ● Full Kitchen Remodels: A kitchen is the heart of many homes. So a kitchen that is outdated, difficult to use, or makes entertaining guests and interacting with family a challenge is a large issue with homeowners throughout Arizona. Whether you’re seeking an open floor plan, or solely looking to update the features of your current kitchen, we can help you fall back in love with your space again.

     ● Upgrading Flooring: Are your floors scuffed or warping beyond repair? Has your carpet been overtaken by unsightly stains or wear from Arizona winters? It might be time for an upgrade! If you’re looking to replace flooring and correct any issues underneath your current flooring, our team is on the job. From tear-out, inspections, and replacement, we’ve got your floors covered.

     ● Bathroom Remodels: Your home’s bathrooms are an important place for peace and
relaxation. From an at-home spa day to half-baths used by guests, an unsightly, outdated bathroom can be both aesthetically unappealing as well as problem-filled. Don’t let an old, tired bathroom take away from the beauty of the rest of your home.

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Elite Roofing can help you protect the roof over your head and help you create the dream home within. Remodeling an integral piece of your home? Remodeling on your own is no simple task. Hiring professionals with on-hand remodeling experience makes getting an end result that you’ll be happy living with. Give us a call! We can help with all your general remodeling needs.