As any experienced property manager will attest, roof repairs are a part of life. Whether it’s wear and tear caused by prolonged exposure to the elements, or there was a catastrophic occurrence for which no preparations were made, damage to the roof is as natural to the longevity of the building’s structure as catching a cold is for a person; a cold will happen through no fault of the individual, and it should be no surprise when the doctor is called. 

Think of Elite Roofing as the roof doctors. If there has been severe damage done﹘such as a tree branch falling on it﹘or the roof has simply seen better days, then bringing in the experts is the logical choice for the health and well-being of the structure.

Roof System repair

Combating Arizona Weather

If there is one thing that living and working in Arizona has taught us, it’s to never underestimate the desert sun’s effect on anything. From melting tires to blasting electronics, the sun can do a number on anything within prolonged sight of its rays. Your roof is no different and maintaining its integrity in such conditions has meant that our business needs to be as proactive as it is reactionary. 

Despite how long most roofing material is graded to last, taking the initiative to conduct an inspection of its structure is a good way to ensure that the roof doesn’t need any immediate or costly repairs. This is doubly important as Arizona nights have been known to dip significantly in temperature, especially during the winter months. Major fluctuations in climate can adversely affect your roof and speed up the need for repairs. Having a team that is familiar with all that Arizona can do to a roof will go a long way in ensuring that your house is protected for years to come.

Signs of the Times

Regardless of the size or function of the building, Elite Roofers can handle the job. For those who haven’t been on the roof recently, or who may not know what they’re looking for, there are a few ways to determine that the roof needs some repair work done. 

  • External Signs of Damage: Sometimes the problems look obvious; shingles falling off, gashes in the roof left by an external force, and cracks in the material are all signs that a repair is needed.
  • Signs of Aging: Another indicator that a repair is imminent is the signs of aging that are in deep contrast with the state of the roof at the time it was first installed. These signs might indicate curling in the shingles, or drastic degradations in the color and structure of the material. 
  • Internal Signs of Damage: Getting up on the roof to inspect the state of things might not work for everyone, and in severe cases, it might not be necessary. Internal signs of damage really touch upon the exterior damage that manifests indoors, like a leaky roof. Water damage or infestations of bugs and pests are surefire signs that it’s time to repair the roof.

Many property owners may grow concerned that any sign of wear automatically means that a full roof replacement is the only answer. Having an Elite Roofing team member inspect your roof will give you the most accurate appraisal of what needs to be done. 

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A leaking roof is no laughing matter, and damaged roofing material is unsightly, if not dangerous. If you’re experiencing any issues with the roof over your head, or you anticipate that it may be time to inspect it before the damage gets worse, our team of professionals can handle everything from the inspection to the repair. Thanks to the variety of high-quality materials we use on each project, our repairs are seamless. We guarantee you will be pleased with the results.